Where to get free images for our blog posts

It’s obvious that we all need images for our   blog posts ,for  presentations or for anything else because we all like pictures and it’s known  that a picture is worth 1000 words. And you do not need any random image , of course, but some representative ones . Therefore, below I made a list of three sites that offer free photos for personal use and / or commercial; these are sites I use and used in the past and I always had a good experience with them:

1. Dreamstime .com – Requires free registration after which you can download up to 50 pictures  from the FREE IMAGES section. Downloaded images have  high resolution, no watermark, falling  under royalty free license and can be used in articles in blogs (to a maximum width of 800px), or design sites (maximum resolution available.) However for sites and banners or other materials for clients I recommend the premium packages that are very affordable .

2. Stock Xchng – Requires free registration after which you can download as many images you want (have approx. 350 000 in all), with no watermark, you can then use them for your blog posts, but for the  most materials you  have to ask, through the contact form sites, legal permission from the owners. I did this several times and some said simply yes, some of them asked me to put a link in the article but the images were very good at high resolutions so it was worth it.

3. EduPic.net is a site that amazes you with the awful design (first year of Internet like) but once you get over it you’ll be amazed by its features: it puts at our disposal, a large collection of photos that can be used for educational purposes. I am taking  from here photos for presentations and tutorials. It requires registration; no watermark and the images are available at high resolution and it’s generally a good idea  to send an email to the author when you want to use the images on your  personal blog or for other purposes..

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