Two Factors For Success

Are you still looking for success? I am sharing with you here at least two tried and tested factors for success. The not-so-secret factors to being successful are the following:

1. Get Started

2. Never Quit

Getting started means you have to plan your work and work your plan. Never quitting means just that – always doing something everyday to promote your business to someone new or help the people under you to be successful. If it took you at least one year to get to a level of $500-$1,000 a week in passive income, would it be worth it? OF COURSE it would!

How would your life be different if you were getting $500.00 a week like clockwork in your online home-based business? This is not hard to do at all! Just don’t quit. Stay motivated and continue doing the business with fun.

One of the most important things to remember is to market an attractive and innovative product and you can be sure that money will start rolling in. Your business must be reliable enough for your clients and the people working with you. You can have a business that makes you the money!

Never Giving Up: Five Tips from Hockey Mike Emrick

I read a great article by Mike Emrick today. Mike is an NHL a play-by-play announcer. In the article, Mike described 5 things he learned from hockey about never giving up.

1. No Team Runs the Tables. Not everyone wins all the time. Not everyone loses all the time. The key is to keep your emotions level. Don’t get too excited after winning and don’t get too down when you don’t. There’s always another chance to succeed. Don’t quit.

2. Power in Persistence. Players work and play for years…even decades for the chance to win the Stanley Cup. The guys whose names are on the Stanley Cup sometimes worked for over 20 years before winning it all. Never quit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Risks. Forget about being perfect. If you don’t, you’ll concern yourself with “not losing” instead of “winning”. Keep trying new things. Look for the opening. Keep battling.

4. There’s Another Game Tomorrow. The US Hockey team once beat the Soviets…yet they had one more game to win thereafter. Don’t quit. Win your Gold.

5. There’s Someone Bigger than You. Professional hockey players live in a self-absorbed world. Even so, they’re often grounded by their faith. Have faith that good things will happen for you. Continue to work towards your goals.

And so after you started your business journey, make sure you Never Quit.

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