The WordPress Revolution

I am part of the blogging revolution called WordPress. This blog is powered and inspired by the generosity of WordPress. Thanks to WordPress founding developer named Matt Mullenweg, millions of bloggers worldwide are enjoying the convenience of having their own blogs with no need to be technologically inclined. By the way, Matt is a young and handsome internet visionary. He is just 26. And he was recognized as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Web for 2008 as well as one of the “Top 30 Under 30.” What a very inspiring success story!

Ok, let’s talk on WordPress. WordPress is considered to be the most popular and I think the most powerful CMS or Content Management System. It effectively makes blogging so simple helping people even with less technical skill to set up and maintain a blog.  As we know it, WordPress is totally free to use. There are two basic special ways you can join the WordPress blogging revolution.

The first way to use WordPress is by going to and signing up for a free of charge blog. The site then host it for you, so all you are required of is decide on a username, password and theme and in about 10 minutes you’ve got a free blog running online.

Now, this option is excellent for those who just want to test out the idea of having a blog. You can be trained how to navigate the back end, which is called the ‘dashboard’ and you can establish the routine of posting often. Having said that, I think the main disadvantage to a blog is that you do not own it and hence no control. If you breach the terms of service there is a possibility of your blog to be blocked or deleted from the system altogether. In addition, there is a clear limit on monetizing your content.

The other excellent option is the self-hosted blog utilizing the free WordPress software installed on your own webhost’s server. Under this option, it is necessary that you purchase your own domain name and web hosting. In other words, you are the owner of your blog and your own contents. For more details, please go to

The WordPress blogging revolution handily gives you the tools and the prospect to connect with your targeted audience via your blog. As a result, you can become the publisher and you produce the content that could brand you as a market leader and an opinion shaper.

Search engines like Google have a love affair with blogs and when you suitably optimize your blog’s content then there is a chance for your blog to be more readily found in the search engines thus promoting your online visibility.

Once in the vortex of the WordPress blogging revolution, you’ll want to start creating your own information products or be an affiliate of other products so that you can begin to make money online even while you sleep.

Welcome to the blogging revolution!

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