Multiple Ways To Generate Traffic

1. Get a blog preferably self-hosted WordPress

2. Post articles on your blog regularly

3. Do CPA marketing

4. Get a Digg

5. Create your own Viral Video

6. Use bumper stickers and distribute them

7. Advertise in magazines and newspapers

8. Get backlinks to your sites

9. Comment on blogs of other people on your niche

10. Make and post videos on YouTube

11. Invest some money on Google ads

12. Do affiliate marketing

13. Get joint venture partners

14. Generate and submit press releases

15. Break up your content

16. Keyword research

17. Submit sites to search engines

18. Add sites to directories

19. Shout out your URLs everywhere people could hear

20. Use henna to tattoo the site on your back

21. Outsource your traffic generation

22. Turn your customers to affiliates

23. Build review sites

24. Be a part of Twitter

25. Build your Facebook account

26. Create and giveaway freebies all over the net

27. Direct people to your download pages

28. Build your won mailing list where the money is

29. Publish a viral e-Book

30. Create a splash in forums by arguments

31. Run a contest on your sites

32. Invite other people for a discussion on your site

33. Always ignite controversy everywhere

34. Advertise in top ezines

35. Buy banner space

36. Sponsor different events related to your niches

37. Do a podcast

38. Tell your friends

39. Use incentives for your readers

40. Get on DMOZ

41. Get on Craigslist

42. Give testimonials where they are accepted

43. Add your URLs to all your emails sent

44. Tag your blog posts

45. Create a foreign language version

46. Create a 404 page on your sites

47. Create an exit offer for readers of your sites

48. Look at your logs

49. Tag your pictures on Flickr

50. Sponsor a charity

51. Build a tool or software

52. Do content swaps to interested online marketers

53. Give speeches to groups willing to listen

54. Put your site on t-shirts and give them away

55. Get on MySpace

56. Add bookmark site

57. Buy misspell version of your domain names

58. Attend many online and offline events

59. Add social bookmarking buttons on your sites

60. Be a part of Yahoo Answers

61. Create and distribute screensavers

62. Write your own book

63. Make a site map in all your sites

64. Mend any broken links on your sites

65. Comment on videos

66. Get people to subscribe to your videos

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