Men Build Pyramids While Women Build Bridges

Is this headline a very catchy one? Rightly so, I just wanted to delve into some profound psychological disparities between men and women as it relates to enhancing your marketing and business capability.

It’s a well-known fact that the persistence of lost men not to ask for directions is a common subject of jokes and entertaining comedies. Why men adopted such a kind of behavior can sometimes be frustrating and perplexing.

We all have heard different stories about a man who drove around for many hours searching for some place but continued in refusing his woman companion’s simple request to stop and ask someone on the road for some clear directions.

The same thing holds true when men shop. They are most likely not asked for some assistance from store sales staff. On the other hand, for women it’s like a second nature to ask those people whom they feel could help them making shopping and even driving convenient.

There was one study on this subject which confirmed that most men would prefer sourcing their information not from warm personal relationships — as most women do — but mainly from cold published materials and of course from their own experiences.

And just come to think of it. A woman who knows how to read and understand map can be an invaluable travel companion to a man. That woman who can gladly reads maps will undoubtedly lessen the irritable feeling of frustration just trying to find the right place.

This is quite interesting: when a woman is consulting a map the man is more prone and so willing to follow her instructions. Stop for some minutes and think deeply on how this behavior affects your marketing techniques implemented in the social media platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, these main differences in the thinking patterns of both sexes can have great impact on your business. So it would help if you are aware of these factors as you structure your marketing campaigns, especially as it relates to the differences in how men and women come to a buying decision. This is vital to increasing your business revenue.

And while not excluding men who also have powerful purchasing power, it is about time that you as an online marketer start to capitalize on a woman’s buying preferences. With the online world we are in, social media is now getting to be the best place to prospect or get to know women who have purchasing muscle to spend.

Good business targets both men and women!

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