Let The Power Of Positivity Guides You

Years ago, I took up a minor history on major college and professional football so this could be another special time of year for me personally and professionally. However, these days I could not help but notice how different watching the NFL games in those yesteryears. Today, it would be common to hear how often commentators are expressing their disagreements with the coaching decisions.

I know, in the past that also happened every now and again. But it is now a common thing to hear a trend where every third comment was an opinion that ran contrary to a particular decision that a coach made.  Predictably, the coach would be proven right and the commentator wrong.

In my own assessment, I found their comments very distracting instead of being helpful or enlightening.  In the past, I was happy watching the games highlighting the positives rather than trying to dig negatives and locate fault with decisions that I am powerless actually to do anything.

And I realized that it is all a matter of mind set as I have mentioned many times before.  A lot of people would prefer to find fault with everybody, everything and anything.  I was told a joke – a sad joke actually — that it would be comparable to a group of missionaries wishing to serve God but only as consultants.

And it is quite unfortunate that these days there are lots of “consultants” roaming around preaching their shallow ideas and ideologies based on words and not on solid actions. We need more doers all over the world! We can be walking while talking.

I try to keep my mindset constructive and moving forward rather than pessimistic and distracting.  Let me give you a more in depth example.  Obviously, I spent a lot of time in school as a student.  Every test or assignment, I was graded by subtracting points from 100 for any wrong answers I provided.

Later when it was my time to teach at a high school, I reversed things totally upside down.  I started each student with 0 points and added points for correct answers.  On essay tests, I started every student with an F and pointed out everything they did correctly to earn their final grade whether it was a C or an A.  Then, I modeled things they needed to do in the future to earn an even higher grade — an A+ or 100 points.

It took a lot more effort on my part but I was eventually named as a teacher of the year.  People appreciate positivity and hard work.

That’s what leaders should be doing everyday!

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