Building List Thru A Free AutoResponder

How are you today? I hope you’re moving on and getting your business built. Today I want to tell you about something I am sure you’ll be happy to hear about.

You may even feel the timing couldn’t be better! I’m sure you already know this….”The Money’s In The List.” You’ve probably heard it a countless number of times!

To be a little more accurate – it should read…”The Money Is In Your Relationship With Your List!”

But hey, either way we keep hearing we need a list. Well that’s so easy to say for those marketers who are already making thousands a month from their lists!

They can afford the ever rising fees that some autoresponders charge! But what about the little guy? The people like you and I who just want to get to a point of making regular profits?

We know that we need a list management service, an autoresponder to send out our messages so that we can let our subscribers know when we launch a product. Or when we find something of value that we’d like to share.

Well the last thing I’m going to do is tell you, like many seem to, is that you just have to take the industry leaders service and suffer the cost.

If you, like me, want to keep a tighter watch on your outgoings. If you want a fully featured service, and know that you have it in you to make a go of your business… if you could just find someone who’ll give a break to the little guys…

Well that day has finally arrived!

There is, at last, an autoresponder company who seem to have listened to our needs!  Instead of focusing on making more profit with higher prices – they are working on making more by providing a service that is more accessible to ‘Ordinary People’.

Picture waking up to see an inbox filling with Paypal notifications from an email you sent out the night before! How will you feel when you receive subscriber emails thanking you for your latest recommendation?

Stop and think for a moment…

You know you need to build and grow your list. If the only thing that has been stopping you up to now was the cost implications, then it is time to take action and get your own list built.

Ask any guru, they all have a list, and they all make regular money from mailing their lists. It really is time you had one too… isn’t it?

And now it’s FREE!

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