A Blog Idea Tip

When someone wants to enter the blogging area, one of the most difficult question is: what to write about?  Well, it’s not like you have nothing to say or you lack knowledge about several topics. If you have this problem, then you should ask yourself why you want to blog and to come up with several fields that interest you – from these you can extract your best blog idea. If there is something that you are passionate about, then you should go for it!  But first, you need to clarify some things to yourself.

First of all, the reason why you want to blog. For pleasure, for money, for friends and acquaintances, for artistic reasons or whatever other reason you may have in mind. I think you don’t want to be the only one that reads your posts, right? That’s why, before getting a good blog idea tips, you need to make sure you understand that a blog is a product. This marketing approach is the basis for what you want to build in the future.  It has nothing to do with whether you are into SEO or not, but with the recognizable fact that there are many blogs covering the mainstream areas of interest. Then, how can anyone come up with a blog idea that can stand out of the crowd and that doesn’t get lost forever in the endless labyrinths of any search engine?

This will look like a to do list and it’s exactly what it is. All I can give you here is the recipe for finding your blog idea that suits you the best. It’s not the only recipe, but it’s what I did and work very well for me. Thus, the first step is to recognize in yourself what is your passion and to decide that you will follow that direction and improve your quality knowledge in that field. Then, you can go to a blog directory (such as Technorati.com) and start browsing in the general field, then you choose the more specific area you want to blog about. You can skim the results or, if you have a clearer blog idea in mind, then you can type it in the search box.

What did you just achieve? In marketing terms, this is called market research and while it may seem quite a technical process, it is the most valuable thing you can do. You can spot a niche (a new or good blog idea must address a niche, at least at the beginning, when you are not very known – then you can “extend”, just as companies do) or realize that you can write a blog that has the most qualitative content on a specific area).  Last, but not least, you must keep optimistic – I know there are millions of blogs out there, but there are always things that are not blogged about. If there are, the style and the personal approach is one of the best assets you definitely possess, because you are unique. Sell -blog-  your uniqueness.

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