Be Ready For Success

Just imagine someone freely handing you the so-called keys to success. What would you with it? How will it possibly affect your business or career?

Unfortunately, most likely nobody will ever throw the keys to you. You have to learn it from the experiences of other people or by hard knocks.

Have you taken a closer look at this phrase: “In order to have more you need to be more”? It means that if you want to be successful then act like a successful person and open up your mind to the vistas of knowledge and learning required getting there.

There are various factors or ingredients for a person to be considered as a success. But if there is one solitary factor it should be the readiness of a person to do what it takes to be successful.

It is imperative that a person craving for success should focus and grow in all the three of these areas:

1) Grow your mind. In other words, as much as possible gain the necessary knowledge the business and you personally need.

2) Free your spirit. Don’t stick being slave of your old preconceived notions and nonworking ideas. Look for a fresh start so as to free yourself from the shackles of ignorance and failure.

3) Heal your body and mind. Nobody would be successful without the benefit of a healthy body. With an actively vigorous physical and mental prowess, you can reach the highest mountain there is.

Grab those keys now and start working for success!


Two Factors For Success

Are you still looking for success? I am sharing with you here at least two tried and tested factors for success. The not-so-secret factors to being successful are the following:

1. Get Started

2. Never Quit

Getting started means you have to plan your work and work your plan. Never quitting means just that – always doing something everyday to promote your business to someone new or help the people under you to be successful. If it took you at least one year to get to a level of $500-$1,000 a week in passive income, would it be worth it? OF COURSE it would!

How would your life be different if you were getting $500.00 a week like clockwork in your online home-based business? This is not hard to do at all! Just don’t quit. Stay motivated and continue doing the business with fun.

One of the most important things to remember is to market an attractive and innovative product and you can be sure that money will start rolling in. Your business must be reliable enough for your clients and the people working with you. You can have a business that makes you the money!

Never Giving Up: Five Tips from Hockey Mike Emrick

I read a great article by Mike Emrick today. Mike is an NHL a play-by-play announcer. In the article, Mike described 5 things he learned from hockey about never giving up.

1. No Team Runs the Tables. Not everyone wins all the time. Not everyone loses all the time. The key is to keep your emotions level. Don’t get too excited after winning and don’t get too down when you don’t. There’s always another chance to succeed. Don’t quit.

2. Power in Persistence. Players work and play for years…even decades for the chance to win the Stanley Cup. The guys whose names are on the Stanley Cup sometimes worked for over 20 years before winning it all. Never quit.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Risks. Forget about being perfect. If you don’t, you’ll concern yourself with “not losing” instead of “winning”. Keep trying new things. Look for the opening. Keep battling.

4. There’s Another Game Tomorrow. The US Hockey team once beat the Soviets…yet they had one more game to win thereafter. Don’t quit. Win your Gold.

5. There’s Someone Bigger than You. Professional hockey players live in a self-absorbed world. Even so, they’re often grounded by their faith. Have faith that good things will happen for you. Continue to work towards your goals.

And so after you started your business journey, make sure you Never Quit.


Developing A Fascinating Personality

You can pick up various gold nuggets of wisdom just by contemplating on this old proverb: “You are not what you think you are. You are not what other people think you are. You are what you think other people think you are.”

I know that you could have been already exposed to different affirmative techniques in all of the self-help books you browsed, but there is a twist that you can easily apply to boost their power and it is called as Reverse Affirmations.

In applying the Reversed Affirmations technique you would think “You find me irresistible,” and never “I am irresistible.” When you inform yourself “I am irresistible”, the rational part of you instantly rejects it.

It’s rejected because deep inside you do not yet believe it. But when you modify that around and think: “You find me irresistible,” and truly get into the strength of it, you’ll right away collect the benefits and feel the statement as true. Why?

Because your mind could possibly not be able to trust it coming from you, but it will easily accept the idea of it emanating from someone outside! Bottom line is you don’t have total control what other people might assume and think therefore bypassing your mind’s logical process.

Well, you might say it is just a sham that they know deep inside they are not really irresistible. I say of course it is fake. Of course it is not true – not yet. The important thing is…it doesn’t really matter! It doesn’t weight so much if it’s not true right now.

What you personally think has nothing to do with it. Belief is not connected with it. What matters most is the thought – and thoughts are things that could greatly affect your body, your individuality, and your responses just like a shot to your stomach can cause you to bend over in some pain.

Give this method a try: By the time you are talking to a man or woman you desire to attract, stare into their eyes and just begin thinking “You find me irresistible.” Get completely into it, and let that thought transform how you feel, how you are standing, how you are smiling, and observe what happens.

Try it!

You can very much utilize this good technique to enhance and communicate your Magnetic Sponsoring Personality when you are on the phone with a prospect, on a business presentation, team member, or conference call.

Here are some examples:

To Prospects: “You view me as an authentic magnetic leader.” “You can’t wait to join our business and work with us”.

To Downline Members: “You find me an excellent, accommodating mentor, and leader.” “You believe I’m the best sponsor on the whole world!” Etc…

Get into the entire process! Declare it with emotion and believe that it’s real! Try it a few times with all positive attitudes and you can expect your sense of energy and emotions surging and change to fit those statements and make them reality!

You can have a fascinating personality others would emulate!


A Blog Idea Tip

When someone wants to enter the blogging area, one of the most difficult question is: what to write about?  Well, it’s not like you have nothing to say or you lack knowledge about several topics. If you have this problem, then you should ask yourself why you want to blog and to come up with several fields that interest you – from these you can extract your best blog idea. If there is something that you are passionate about, then you should go for it!  But first, you need to clarify some things to yourself.

First of all, the reason why you want to blog. For pleasure, for money, for friends and acquaintances, for artistic reasons or whatever other reason you may have in mind. I think you don’t want to be the only one that reads your posts, right? That’s why, before getting a good blog idea tips, you need to make sure you understand that a blog is a product. This marketing approach is the basis for what you want to build in the future.  It has nothing to do with whether you are into SEO or not, but with the recognizable fact that there are many blogs covering the mainstream areas of interest. Then, how can anyone come up with a blog idea that can stand out of the crowd and that doesn’t get lost forever in the endless labyrinths of any search engine?

This will look like a to do list and it’s exactly what it is. All I can give you here is the recipe for finding your blog idea that suits you the best. It’s not the only recipe, but it’s what I did and work very well for me. Thus, the first step is to recognize in yourself what is your passion and to decide that you will follow that direction and improve your quality knowledge in that field. Then, you can go to a blog directory (such as Technorati.com) and start browsing in the general field, then you choose the more specific area you want to blog about. You can skim the results or, if you have a clearer blog idea in mind, then you can type it in the search box.

What did you just achieve? In marketing terms, this is called market research and while it may seem quite a technical process, it is the most valuable thing you can do. You can spot a niche (a new or good blog idea must address a niche, at least at the beginning, when you are not very known – then you can “extend”, just as companies do) or realize that you can write a blog that has the most qualitative content on a specific area).  Last, but not least, you must keep optimistic – I know there are millions of blogs out there, but there are always things that are not blogged about. If there are, the style and the personal approach is one of the best assets you definitely possess, because you are unique. Sell -blog-  your uniqueness.


Where to get free images for our blog posts

It’s obvious that we all need images for our   blog posts ,for  presentations or for anything else because we all like pictures and it’s known  that a picture is worth 1000 words. And you do not need any random image , of course, but some representative ones . Therefore, below I made a list of three sites that offer free photos for personal use and / or commercial; these are sites I use and used in the past and I always had a good experience with them:

1. Dreamstime .com – Requires free registration after which you can download up to 50 pictures  from the FREE IMAGES section. Downloaded images have  high resolution, no watermark, falling  under royalty free license and can be used in articles in blogs (to a maximum width of 800px), or design sites (maximum resolution available.) However for sites and banners or other materials for clients I recommend the premium packages that are very affordable .

2. Stock Xchng – Requires free registration after which you can download as many images you want (have approx. 350 000 in all), with no watermark, you can then use them for your blog posts, but for the  most materials you  have to ask, through the contact form sites, legal permission from the owners. I did this several times and some said simply yes, some of them asked me to put a link in the article but the images were very good at high resolutions so it was worth it.

3. EduPic.net is a site that amazes you with the awful design (first year of Internet like) but once you get over it you’ll be amazed by its features: it puts at our disposal, a large collection of photos that can be used for educational purposes. I am taking  from here photos for presentations and tutorials. It requires registration; no watermark and the images are available at high resolution and it’s generally a good idea  to send an email to the author when you want to use the images on your  personal blog or for other purposes..


Why Become A Strategic Thinker?

In the world of business, strategic thinking is one of the most common phrases connoting some form of practicality and slick orientation. It gets thrown around the table and used by many executives especially on business meetings, seminars, conventions and of course conferences. The prevalent utilization of the phrase may make a person to easily conclude that majority is of the same understanding when it comes to the meaning of “strategic thinking.”

To make it clear, through the years various theorists labored and came up with many theories supposedly to define the phrase in multitude of ways. However, we have to know and connect the meaning of strategic thinking to our present realities. So what is really strategic thinking? And can it be applied to our day-to-day grinds?

Principally speaking, strategic thinking is a way of thinking that is very much useful for both personal and business arenas. It is a way of viewing something be it a business, a relationship, even a family – taking something as a whole and dynamic system with variables involved working together on interdependent level. In other words, it is a way of perceiving the big picture and the factors involved in it.

As applied in management, strategic thinking is more focused on the future – the long-term. It is a state of mind that welcomes questions and questioning. It powerfully assumes that the way current things are being done is never essentially the best or the only method and therefore questions the basic factors in the way things are done.

It is an attitude that assumes no information is set in stone, that any information is imprecise and inexact, or simply open to investigation. Thus, whatever conclusions that can be derived from such information are, at best, guesses or supposition. Working from this point of view then makes any decision-making process more dynamic.

Strategic thinking involves being focused and concentrated on your intent and your goals, and not getting distracted. You develop a plan for the future. You focus on the system’s strengths and improving the system’s weaknesses to increase the chances for success. At the same time, you plan and anticipate the unexpected by having backup and contingency plans. You also have to consider past mistakes, present conditions and future possibilities in mind. You must also keep an open mind that is open to new ideas and opportunities. Flexibility and responsiveness are traits that are important in strategic thinking.

Most people believe that business leaders and managers should have strategic thinking as a core competency. However, it pays to have even those who are not in a leadership position to utilize strategic thinking.

It requires a change in perspective, a manner of approaching issues from different points of view. Sometimes it even calls for looking at things by totally turning it inside and out, upside down. Everyone can benefit from having an outlook that sees change as constant, hence the need to strategize to address it.

To survive the intense competition and to prepare for the future, we have to strategize!


Men Build Pyramids While Women Build Bridges

Is this headline a very catchy one? Rightly so, I just wanted to delve into some profound psychological disparities between men and women as it relates to enhancing your marketing and business capability.

It’s a well-known fact that the persistence of lost men not to ask for directions is a common subject of jokes and entertaining comedies. Why men adopted such a kind of behavior can sometimes be frustrating and perplexing.

We all have heard different stories about a man who drove around for many hours searching for some place but continued in refusing his woman companion’s simple request to stop and ask someone on the road for some clear directions.

The same thing holds true when men shop. They are most likely not asked for some assistance from store sales staff. On the other hand, for women it’s like a second nature to ask those people whom they feel could help them making shopping and even driving convenient.

There was one study on this subject which confirmed that most men would prefer sourcing their information not from warm personal relationships — as most women do — but mainly from cold published materials and of course from their own experiences.

And just come to think of it. A woman who knows how to read and understand map can be an invaluable travel companion to a man. That woman who can gladly reads maps will undoubtedly lessen the irritable feeling of frustration just trying to find the right place.

This is quite interesting: when a woman is consulting a map the man is more prone and so willing to follow her instructions. Stop for some minutes and think deeply on how this behavior affects your marketing techniques implemented in the social media platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, these main differences in the thinking patterns of both sexes can have great impact on your business. So it would help if you are aware of these factors as you structure your marketing campaigns, especially as it relates to the differences in how men and women come to a buying decision. This is vital to increasing your business revenue.

And while not excluding men who also have powerful purchasing power, it is about time that you as an online marketer start to capitalize on a woman’s buying preferences. With the online world we are in, social media is now getting to be the best place to prospect or get to know women who have purchasing muscle to spend.

Good business targets both men and women!


Multiple Ways To Generate Traffic

1. Get a blog preferably self-hosted WordPress

2. Post articles on your blog regularly

3. Do CPA marketing

4. Get a Digg

5. Create your own Viral Video

6. Use bumper stickers and distribute them

7. Advertise in magazines and newspapers

8. Get backlinks to your sites

9. Comment on blogs of other people on your niche

10. Make and post videos on YouTube

11. Invest some money on Google ads

12. Do affiliate marketing

13. Get joint venture partners

14. Generate and submit press releases

15. Break up your content

16. Keyword research

17. Submit sites to search engines

18. Add sites to directories

19. Shout out your URLs everywhere people could hear

20. Use henna to tattoo the site on your back

21. Outsource your traffic generation

22. Turn your customers to affiliates

23. Build review sites

24. Be a part of Twitter

25. Build your Facebook account

26. Create and giveaway freebies all over the net

27. Direct people to your download pages

28. Build your won mailing list where the money is

29. Publish a viral e-Book

30. Create a splash in forums by arguments

31. Run a contest on your sites

32. Invite other people for a discussion on your site

33. Always ignite controversy everywhere

34. Advertise in top ezines

35. Buy banner space

36. Sponsor different events related to your niches

37. Do a podcast

38. Tell your friends

39. Use incentives for your readers

40. Get on DMOZ

41. Get on Craigslist

42. Give testimonials where they are accepted

43. Add your URLs to all your emails sent

44. Tag your blog posts

45. Create a foreign language version

46. Create a 404 page on your sites

47. Create an exit offer for readers of your sites

48. Look at your logs

49. Tag your pictures on Flickr

50. Sponsor a charity

51. Build a tool or software

52. Do content swaps to interested online marketers

53. Give speeches to groups willing to listen

54. Put your site on t-shirts and give them away

55. Get on MySpace

56. Add bookmark site

57. Buy misspell version of your domain names

58. Attend many online and offline events

59. Add social bookmarking buttons on your sites

60. Be a part of Yahoo Answers

61. Create and distribute screensavers

62. Write your own book

63. Make a site map in all your sites

64. Mend any broken links on your sites

65. Comment on videos

66. Get people to subscribe to your videos


Changing YOU

Have you ever read the famous classic by Neopoleon Hill called, “Think And Grow Rich?” What about the #1 hit movie “The Secret?”… What do these two have in common?

Well, if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, you probably have no clue. Yet it’s more important than anything you have been told.

So what must change before you can live the life you want? YOU. Again, it is YOU! And there is nobody else in this world that has the ultimate power to change yourself but you!

It is all about your perspective. Your beliefs. Your mind. Your heart. All of you.

It absolutely MUST change before you can be successful. Well… let me re-phrase that.

Before it would be possible to experience lasting success, be filled with joy, understand happiness and how you can have it NOW – be financially blessed beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed, YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS and your orientation in life.

Yes, a lot of evil people in this world are successful. Many of them end up shooting themselves or overdosing. You don’t want this kind of success. What we are looking for is the real meaning of success!

It’s one thing to be rich and successful… it’s an entirely different phenomenon to go through each day of your life and actually feel that you are the richest person in the world.

Change yourself for the better and watch as your life becomes filled with magic and real fulfillment. And the first step is laid for you here.

All you have to do first is break the spell you’re under now.


Let The Power Of Positivity Guides You

Years ago, I took up a minor history on major college and professional football so this could be another special time of year for me personally and professionally. However, these days I could not help but notice how different watching the NFL games in those yesteryears. Today, it would be common to hear how often commentators are expressing their disagreements with the coaching decisions.

I know, in the past that also happened every now and again. But it is now a common thing to hear a trend where every third comment was an opinion that ran contrary to a particular decision that a coach made.  Predictably, the coach would be proven right and the commentator wrong.

In my own assessment, I found their comments very distracting instead of being helpful or enlightening.  In the past, I was happy watching the games highlighting the positives rather than trying to dig negatives and locate fault with decisions that I am powerless actually to do anything.

And I realized that it is all a matter of mind set as I have mentioned many times before.  A lot of people would prefer to find fault with everybody, everything and anything.  I was told a joke – a sad joke actually — that it would be comparable to a group of missionaries wishing to serve God but only as consultants.

And it is quite unfortunate that these days there are lots of “consultants” roaming around preaching their shallow ideas and ideologies based on words and not on solid actions. We need more doers all over the world! We can be walking while talking.

I try to keep my mindset constructive and moving forward rather than pessimistic and distracting.  Let me give you a more in depth example.  Obviously, I spent a lot of time in school as a student.  Every test or assignment, I was graded by subtracting points from 100 for any wrong answers I provided.

Later when it was my time to teach at a high school, I reversed things totally upside down.  I started each student with 0 points and added points for correct answers.  On essay tests, I started every student with an F and pointed out everything they did correctly to earn their final grade whether it was a C or an A.  Then, I modeled things they needed to do in the future to earn an even higher grade — an A+ or 100 points.

It took a lot more effort on my part but I was eventually named as a teacher of the year.  People appreciate positivity and hard work.

That’s what leaders should be doing everyday!