LIE: You don’t have to worry about SELLING. All you have to do is SHARE!

“Share your cookies,” “Share your crayons.” Worked fine for you in preschool. But, in the “grown-up” world of online business, you should know how to sell if you are ever going to build a lasting and sustainable business. Show and tell isn’t going to cut it.

Remember, 95% of all home businesses fail! And one of the leading reasons they do is this big, fat lie – sharing your wonderful, fabulous reason for being in business will open the door to raging profits.

Yes indeed, that works just great as you go “sharing” your way through life. The guy behind the counter at the convenience store…your plumber…your mother-in-law, they just LOVE hearing you “share” and they cannot WAIT to get involved!

Oh, and don’t forget your neighbors. Funny how they all keep their curtains tightly closed all day now, and hiding the car out back.

Listen up and listen well. Nobody ever became a millionaire, simply by sharing. And you’re being set up for failure if you buy into this load of horse shit!

FACT: It takes selling to build a prosperous online business

Those new to this industry are hand-fed the stupid notion “this is so easy, it sells itself” when The Truth is they’re in for a painful dose of reality.

It is a common knowledge – most people hate selling. This is the very reason uplines don’t tell prospects they’re going to have to. They don’t want to scare them away!

Get this: anytime you ask someone to give you their cold hard cash for something you are offering, that’s SELLING pure and simple!

But it doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be obnoxious, and it doesn’t have to be something that has people trying to gnaw their arm off at the elbow, just to escape from your clutches.

But you’ll probably be relieved to know the LAST thing you will do is sell your actual product. There’s something MUCH more important you’ll do automatically, once you have a powerful marketing strategy working for you 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

HINT: It’s all about building relationship and authenticity

Novel concept? Sadly, in this industry, it is. Start your path to success by being REAL and being unique from all the “one size fits all” mentality pervasive in the online business industry.