15 Things That Make College Life Much Easier

From the time you arrive on campus to the day you graduate, college life can be a real whirlwind. Studying, socializing, working, developing good personal habits, setting goals, and keeping your health and money on track can be a real challenge. Add to this the fact that many students are experiencing life on their own for the first time, and stress is inevitable.

The best way to mitigate this is to find as many ways as you can to make your life just a bit easier. The following are fifteen tips that you can implement in your life to reduce stress and enjoy college life just a bit more.

Take Advantage of Easy Classes to Increase Your GPA

During your first couple of semesters, you’ll take several easy classes. These will either rehash what you learned in high school, e.g. Bio 101 or Eng 101, or they’ll be introductory classes. Don’t slack off on these easy classes. Do all of the assignments, ace the tests, and earn those easy A’s. Later, when you’re struggling to get a C in a tough class, you’ll be glad you did.

Never Study in Bed

Yes, it’s comfy and tempting. The problem is that if your brain begins to associate your bed with studying, watching television, surfing the net, or even hanging out with friends, it will stop associating it with sleep. This can lead to sleepless nights and toss and turning.

Use Mint to Keep Your Money on Track

The beginning of college is also the beginning of financial independence for many students. Even if you’re receiving financial help from your parents, you’re still responsible for tracking your spending and sticking to a budget. Mint is a free app that you can use to track spending, pay bills, and keep your bank accounts in the black.

This is a great time to pick up important money management skills. By developing good habits right now, you are ensuring that you are able to deal with your finances no matter what comes your way in the future.

Learn The Ins and Outs of Your Local Public Transit System

There are some schools that still don’t allow underclassmen to bring cars. Even if you can bring a car to school, it might not be cost effective. Parking fees, gas, and other expenses really do add up. There’s also the environmental factor of driving yourself vs. using public transportation.

Look into buying a metro pass (or whatever they call it in your area). As a student, you might qualify for a discount rate. Then, grab some maps and schedules. You’ll save money. In fact, in some cities, students can ride for free after major campus events. Even better, you can study while someone else does the driving.

Get a Secure Visa or Mastercard to Build Credit Not Debt

If you’re like most students, you probably received your first credit card solicitation when you were still in high school. Hopefully, you avoided that temptation. Too many college students get into real trouble with credit card debt.

On the other hand, the only way to build a good credit rating is to use credit. One way to solve this dilemma is to sign up for a secure credit card. These aren’t debit or gift cards. They are credit cards that you secure with a cash deposit. You use them just as you would a regular credit card, and pay the balance each month. The benefit of doing this is that your responsible use is reported to the credit bureaus each month, and your credit score goes up accordingly.

Save Money on Fees And Use The Campus Gym For Free

If you’ve decided to join a gym, congratulations! College life is full of fun but unhealthy temptations. This is a great way to stay or get into shape. Just do a bit of research before you sign any contracts.

If you want extra perks such as personal training, a juice bar, or group classes, then, by all means, look for a gym that offers those things. Just be prepared to pay for it. On the other hand, if you just want a place to some basic cardio and strength training, check out the facilities on campus. They probably have more than you need.

Eat at Home Whenever Possible

Stopping at the gas station for a bag of chips, running through the drive through, ending a late night at the local diner; All of these things can add up to big expenses at the end of the month. Do yourself a favor. Learn to grocery shop, and learn to cook.

No oven or stove? Try investing in a crockpot. If that’s not an option, stick with cereal, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Eat microwave popcorn for a salty snack and sugar-free pudding for something sweet. You’ll have your food budget in no time.

Don’t Wait to Get Academic Help

When you’re struggling academically, it doesn’t take long to go from ‘somewhat behind’ to ‘hopelessly behind’. This is why it’s so important to reach out for help as soon as you know something is off. If you get too far off track, you’ll struggle for the rest of the semester.

If you need help, start with your professor. Then, progress to your student services department to set up some tutoring. One problem many students have is that their writing assignments take up too much time and interfere with studying. Trustmypaper will help you to get academic help with those assignments so that you can stay on top of your studies.

Give Each Class Its Own Storage Bin

Those cheap three drawer plastic bins aren’t very useful for storing clothes. However, they are good for keeping papers, notebooks, and other supplies organized. Consider investing in one or two, and dedicating a drawer for each class. This way, all you have to do is grab what you need each day from the appropriate door.

Consider Living in an Academic Dorm

For years, colleges have divided dorms according to lifestyle (married/unmarried, quiet/loud) or gender. Now, many have another option. These are academic dorms where students live with people who are studying what they are.

This can give you the opportunity to live, study, and socialize with people who have similar goals and passions. People who study the same things also tend to have very compatible schedules. This means you’ll be studying, sleeping, and socializing at the same time your dorm mates are.

Download a Safety App

A good safety app provides you with the means to quickly and discretely message people on your contact list if you are in a scary situation. You can also use it to contact the police or campus security. One such app is called Circle of Six.

Check your campus security website. They may have their own safety app or one that is available for free to students. Guys, this advice is for you as well. Staying safe should be everyone’s priority.

Invest in a Quality Backpack

This is more important than you realize. You can spend fifteen dollars once or twice a year for four years and burn through several cheap backpacks. Your other option is to pay sixty dollars once, and have a backpack that you can give to your kids when they start school.

Buy a thick, heavy duty backpack from LL Bean, Lands End, Jansport, or other reputable company. They’re sturdier, comfortable, and better looking.

Sign Up For Rewards And Discount Programs

Take advantage of your status as a college student, and enjoy all of the student discount programs that are available to you. Do a bit of research. You’ll probably find savings on dining out, going to the movies, getting your oil changed, museum passes, transportation, and much more.

Next, check out your local coffee shop, gas station, grocery stores, pharmacies, and electronics retailers. Many have rewards programs or punch cards that you can use for discounts or earn points for free merchandise.

Stay Healthy

Tackle small health problems before they become big health problems. For example, that slightly cold sensitive tooth could become a swollen abscess if you ignore it. That annoying cough could turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

Be sure you have copies of your health insurance cards. Know the number of your primary care physician. If you’re sick or injured, head to the college health center and things are taken care of.

Coordinate With Your Roommates Before Move-in Day

Reach out to your roommates before school starts. Find out who owns what, and what each of you plans to bring. You may not need three sets of dishes, two television sets, and three microwave ovens. You can avoid a cluttered dorm room by doing a bit of coordinating.


College life is meant to be academically challenging, socially enjoyable, and to act as the bridge to full independence. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try to apply some of the suggestions here. Life just might get a little easier.


Planting Various Seeds At The Same Time

Just like a lot of smart farmers who know that they have to sow many seeds at the same time, wise internet marketers should adopt the same strategy.

To clearly illustrate this point, let me tell you my story. My e-commerce site made its first official sale in October of 2006, and finished 2008 with over $200,000 in revenues for the year. I am convinced that even if it is making money for me, I still have a lot of changes I wanted to do for the site. Nevertheless, that is a site that brings me a regular six figures of income. I got nothing to complain.

Looking back, while the site is doing well, there are a couple of things I’d really do another way if I could go back to two years ago when I started.

Today I’ll share one with you. If there is a single biggest blunder I made with my ecommerce site, it is the fact that I only started one.

I guess this isn’t really a mistake with the site itself, but it’s a mistake I made with my general internet income goals. Only starting one site had two major consequences:

1. I had all my plans, hopes, and dreams riding on one site. This set me up to be discouraged and frustrated when the site wasn’t making me rich overnight, even though it was growing steadily. You’ll always be discouraged if you attach your goals and dreams to a site that can never deliver what you want – at least not all by itself.

2. I moved too slowly. A big part of success online is just sitting around and waiting – waiting for links to index, waiting for domains to age, waiting for rankings to improve. While you’re waiting you can either obsess over each visitor to your site and each Adsense click you get, or you can start several other sites and get them on the same growth path as the first.

Think about it – would it make sense for a farmer to plant just one seed, and then sit and stare at it for months to make sure it grows?

Meanwhile, there’s a whole field of fertile soil being neglected and your competition is very much busy planting seeds all around you all the time.

Never let precious time pass without exploiting it fully. You’ll be elated because you’ll feel like you finally cracked the Google code; you’ve made it – you arrived. But then the site won’t make much. Maybe $3 to $5 per day…or maybe nothing.

But let’s say it does average $5 every day. Personally, I think a $5 per day site is something to be excited about when it’s part of a portfolio of ten similar earners. But if you invest 6 months into letting that one site ranked, and then another month or two watching it get to $5 per day, you’re going to be furious, and if you’re not then you should be.

Because in the same eight months you could have created ten or twenty – or even more – of those sites. And instead of making $100 per month online, you’d be making $1000 to $2000…or more (there are some newbies who earned more than $2,500 per month like it’s nothing).

Remember that $1,500 per month more than covers quite a few bills, doesn’t it? Heck, it can even pay off some debt if you want to. And will probably be the answer to your rent or the mortgage. Or…it could pay for an wonderful two-week family holiday every six months. Just imagine that!

By starting various earning sites, you have to be careful not to unnecessarily spreading yourself too thin. To avoid starting a bunch of sites and getting nowhere with them, here’s what I advise:

1. Find ten great keywords, buy the domains and start linking to them. Get them aging from day one.

2. Set up all ten domains on one hosting account. Go for a hosting company which is flexible enough and inexpensive. There are hosts that allowed you to link unlimited domains for less than eight dollars per month.

3. Install WordPress on all ten sites. Create one 300-500 word post (with a post title that contains your main keyword) for each site and publish it.

4. Get all 10 sites indexed by King Google. The fastest way to do that is to get a few links from other sites already in Google’s index.

So now you have ten sites set up, indexed by Google, and aging. What’s next? The next thing to do is build the one site with most potential to make money while waiting for others to age.

Choose the keyword with the most promise – the one with the least competition and the most profit potential. Once you’ve chosen your most promising keyword, aggressively build that site. Add ten pages of SEO-friendly content and start building links like crazy with the right anchor text.

After finishing the content on your first site, move on to another, write the content, begin building links and so on. After a few months all ten sites will have content, some age in Google’s index, and lots of solid links.

Not long after your first site starts making a few dollars a day, the rest of your sites will catch up and you’ll be on your way to the passive internet income you’ve hoped for.

Therefore follow the path illuminated by the smart farmer…plant many seeds and get ready for the kind of harvest you always dreamed of.


Four Familiar Mistakes Bloggers Commit

Mistake 1: Stop Thinking So Hard And Get Some Content Up!

Most people start strong, and then the frequency of posts suddenly begins to taper off.  And let’s face it, who hasn’t been in that position before?

It’s not easy to post new content every single day and a lot of marketers hold part-time or even full-time jobs while they’re building their business. With that said…

A blog without content is like a sports car without gas. It might be pretty, but it’s not going anywhere till you “fill er up!”

What’s the big deal? We’ll tell you what the big deal is: If you don’t update your blog daily, weekly, or biweekly you can’t expect people to stick around – they just won’t.

Mistake 2: It’s Like Being A Traffic Cop In A “Ghost Town”

This is another common problem. You have a wonderful blog, but you’re in desperate need of content and web traffic. And that’s probably the second biggest “mistake” in online marketing — not driving traffic to your website.

Face it, the whole “Field Of Dreams”, build it and they will come mentality doesn’t work in Internet Marketing. You must build “it” then promote the heck out of it. How?

It’s easy. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or even Better Networker are easy to use. And it’s just as easy to pick up basic SEO skills too. Obviously, there’s PPC, Joint Ventures, and even paid advertising if you want to kick things up a notch – but you can start small.

Mistake 3: Form An Alliance Or Get Voted Off By Your “Housemates”

You need to get out there and build your “tribe” or network. It won’t take you long to build a loyal following with your skills. You just need to get started.

First, you make some friends. Next, you share their content on Twitter, Facebook, and Better Networker. Then you link to their sites from your blog. It’s simple really, you help them get web traffic and they will help you – it’s that easy.

Network Marketing online is a little like the reality show Big Brother. You need to form an alliance – a small tribe of friends – or get voted off the house!

Before long you’ll have a network of dozens of bloggers commenting on your site every time you post something new.

Mistake 4: Making Your Opt-In Form Look Like A Legal Contract

We’ve seen a lot of nice opt-in forms but there’s one problem – it’s too hard to read. Yeah, we know this might sound like we’re nit-picking like your grandmother.

If people can’t read the text on your opt-in form or website they will not even in a million years opt-in to your mailing list, join your team, or buy from you. In fact, you should probably write this down and memorize it as this is very vital to your online success.


The WordPress Revolution

I am part of the blogging revolution called WordPress. This blog is powered and inspired by the generosity of WordPress. Thanks to WordPress founding developer named Matt Mullenweg, millions of bloggers worldwide are enjoying the convenience of having their own blogs with no need to be technologically inclined. By the way, Matt is a young and handsome internet visionary. He is just 26. And he was recognized as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Web for 2008 as well as one of the “Top 30 Under 30.” What a very inspiring success story!

Ok, let’s talk on WordPress. WordPress is considered to be the most popular and I think the most powerful CMS or Content Management System. It effectively makes blogging so simple helping people even with less technical skill to set up and maintain a blog.  As we know it, WordPress is totally free to use. There are two basic special ways you can join the WordPress blogging revolution.

The first way to use WordPress is by going to WordPress.com and signing up for a free of charge blog. The site then host it for you, so all you are required of is decide on a username, password and theme and in about 10 minutes you’ve got a free blog running online.

Now, this option is excellent for those who just want to test out the idea of having a blog. You can be trained how to navigate the back end, which is called the ‘dashboard’ and you can establish the routine of posting often. Having said that, I think the main disadvantage to a WordPress.com blog is that you do not own it and hence no control. If you breach the terms of service there is a possibility of your blog to be blocked or deleted from the system altogether. In addition, there is a clear limit on monetizing your content.

The other excellent option is the self-hosted blog utilizing the free WordPress software installed on your own webhost’s server. Under this option, it is necessary that you purchase your own domain name and web hosting. In other words, you are the owner of your blog and your own contents. For more details, please go to wordpress.org.

The WordPress blogging revolution handily gives you the tools and the prospect to connect with your targeted audience via your blog. As a result, you can become the publisher and you produce the content that could brand you as a market leader and an opinion shaper.

Search engines like Google have a love affair with blogs and when you suitably optimize your blog’s content then there is a chance for your blog to be more readily found in the search engines thus promoting your online visibility.

Once in the vortex of the WordPress blogging revolution, you’ll want to start creating your own information products or be an affiliate of other products so that you can begin to make money online even while you sleep.

Welcome to the blogging revolution!


Various Methods To Make Money From Blogs

It would be now safe to proclaim that the blogging revolution is something to be permanent in nature. It is an important part and parcel of the Web 2.0 platforms. As I see it, blogging is already out of the short-lived phenomenon phase and is becoming to be the preferred publishing platform for ordinary guys like you and me to enter the world of internet content publishing. We could become content producers on our own.

According to some available statistics, people involved in blogging have consistently risen through the years. From just around thousands in 2004, there are now millions of blogs today. When we consider its amazing growth, there are various factors that contributed to this massive growth. Personally, I am quite honest about it. I could say that the rise of blogs is credited to a single big and attractive factor. I am talking about the ability to make some money out of blogs or monetization.

Of course, the mere prospect of making some money from blogs is definitely a very attention getting proposition most especially for newcomers to go for blogging. Here, let us examine the ways to monetize a blog. I am listing here some ways though these are not exclusive because sooner or later we could come up with more ways for making money out of blogs.

Method 1: Serving advertisements. Pasting ads on the blog is still considered to be the most widely used way of making money from blogs. Yes, not all bloggers are actually making big money out of this though almost all blogs are having ads one way or another. As we know it, the most fashionable way of serving ads is using the King Google’s Adsense. Other examples are Chitika’s eMiniMalls, Adgenta, Infolinks, Adbrite, AVN, etc.

Method 2: Selling others’ products or Affiliate Marketing. To earn more money, bloggers are now getting to be good affiliate marketers and are taking advantage of the popularity of their blogs to earn money from marketing other people’s products. For instance, you can be an affiliate of Clickbank, Linkshare, Amazon, etc. In addition to these immensely popular sites, there are now thousands in the internet who are looking for affiliates to sell their products. Just remember though that it pays more to promote products you are passionate about and are fit to your type of audience.

Method 3: Selling own products services. Bloggers can also make bigger money by selling different types of stuff or services on their own such as e-books, guides, reports or some courses or teleseminars, etc.

Method 4: Writing articles for others and SEO jobs. You can easily find other bloggers who need someone to frequently write and post new material on their blogs. If you still have time to do the task then you can make money by writing for them. Now if you have the suitable working knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you can make good amount of money by providing this very crucial service for other bloggers and sites.

Method 5: Accepting sponsorship on your posts. There are some bloggers who actually snubbing the idea of sponsorship yet I believe that this is a very good way of creating money. For sure, it will never get you rich fast but for sure it can positively impact your pockets. Sponsorship is now a common way of making money out of blogs because both the bloggers and the advertisers realized that blogs are very valuable way to market their products and services.

Method 6: Consultancy services. A lot of experts created their own blogs to promote their own services as well as to offer their clients easy access. But there is a funny trend these days where bloggers with completely no background in consultancy are enjoying good income by charging their visitors/clients fees for their consulting business. This is done by the kind of reputation bloggers created thru their successful blogs. Blogs have a certain potential power to make someone an expert on a certain niches almost instantly. You can be an expert in a certain field and enjoy an out-of-nowhere kind of celebrity and make your way to riches beyond your wildest imagination.

Method 7: Accepting donations from kind readers or supporters. There are a lot of blogs who are open to accepting donations from the readers in any amount. I think that the best technique is to suggest anything of value like free e-books and then lure your readers to give some money in return.

Let us all go into and become a part of the blogging revolution and make our way to that financial freedom we all want to have!


Studying The Plan

Planning to join a network marketing business opportunity?

Then you should look for a Compensation Plan which is reasonable and fair for distributors working either fulltime or part-time and with reserved leadership bonuses for people who have the talent, energy and time in building huge and prolific teams. Remember that a compensation which is one-sided would undoubtedly be not working for your own financial interest.

I always believe that for a company to be considered as successful, it must live everyday with a “distributor first” policy and mindset. And this philosophy should manifest itself more in the way the business plan is structured.

With all the confusing figures usually presented during business opportunity meetings, you must realize that it actually takes very simple mathematics to determine how many sales or downlines needed to be on profit. Sadly, most people are blinded by hyped excitement and they failed to give some consideration on this aspect. As a consequence, most are misled by the imaginary potential income charts that are published intentionally by the company with the aim of enticing people to shell out their hard-earned money.

My main point here is not that you should never join any MLM company but that you must read the obvious between the lines and the blueprint in order to be sure that you will be fairly paid for your effort. A lot of people have the tendency to just skip this important part all because it may look like a tax code and most hates going into their taxes.

To help you better understand the total picture, here are the four basic types of Network Marketing plans:

1. The Break Away Plan

This is considered to be the grandfather of all plans which drove the growth of Network Marketing during its earliest years. As the oldest and the most traditional business plan, it pays the distributors to build and be paid on a limitless number of frontline people. The break away term refers to the fact that by the time frontline downlines achieve a definite programmed volume they can already “break away” from their sponsoring upline and start managing their own sales organization. In this type of plan the company will pay its leaders based on the volume generated by the frontline as well as some levels with their break away groups. The thing is that in this business plan if you never work your way it would be virtually impossible to continue receiving good checks. That’s why a distributor has to continually recruit new people in order to receive attractive compensation.

2. The Unilevel Plan

In this plan, distributors are only paid on a certain number of levels as established by the company. What’s good here is the absence of break away groups. As the result, the bigger your frontline the larger is the total group size. Naturally, the lower levels would be larger compared to the upper ones. This is also true here: no recruit no check.

3. The Matrix Plan

Here you are basically limited to the number of recruits you are allowed to place on your frontline. For example, in a 3 by 5 matrix you are only allowed to have 3 on your front line then 9 on the next level, 27 on the third line and so on. If you have to compare this to the two other plans, matrix plan puts a limit of your success to a certain level. However, a lot of people find this plan appealing because recruits are enticed that they are only required to get 3 and are usually promised some spill-over from a heavy hitting upline. The bad side-effect is that everyone joins expecting for spillover and fails to exert more personal effort. You can expect that the result would be a big failure. Though limited in some aspects, a matrix plan could still work if distributors will depend on the spill-over and must instead depend on their personal efforts in getting people and sales volume.

4. The Binary Plan

This plan is the most popular nowadays. Binary can be considered as a exceptional case of the matrix where you are only to get two on your frontline – that’s why it is called binary. The only problem with this plan is that most require you to have a delicate balance on both sides of your downlines before the check can be signed in your name. In fact, some companies are banking on this trick so that they can keep what you earned for as long as possible and in many cases forever. Some fraudulent companies choose by initially opening only one side of the binary—termed a ‘powerleg’—as there is virtually no possibility of you getting the check until the other side is launched. Once the other side is finally opened, there is a strong possibility that numerous people have already said goodbye to the company leaving behind their money. You are ceaselessly left, not only with sponsoring new people, but doing the balancing act on both sides of your team. On its pure form, it would be better to beware of such plans! There are now some variations of these plans like the straight line plan where you are paid on all people coming after you regardless of who sponsor them. Unfortunately, based on figures most companies that use these plans never survive within two years of operation. It seems that most people are joining and just standing by wishing for the checks to rain on them. In other words, there is no strong incentive to promote and work the plan.

Important Warning: You must always be particularly wary whenever you are presented of a compensation plan which is so proud of telling the world that they intend to pay more than 60% of each sale they got. This generally means that the product marketed is priced beyond affordable, qualification quotas or volumes are set to be beyond the reach of ordinary distributors or the structure are in reality robbing you of your investment and effort. If the company utilizes the breakaway plan you may find out later that your downlines have already gone with the wind as you are about to achieve the big numbers. If you want to find out if a company intends to be misleading, you can easily sense it examining the compensation plan.

Study well before letting go of your money!


Lie and Fact On Sharing And Selling

LIE: You don’t have to worry about SELLING. All you have to do is SHARE!

“Share your cookies,” “Share your crayons.” Worked fine for you in preschool. But, in the “grown-up” world of online business, you should know how to sell if you are ever going to build a lasting and sustainable business. Show and tell isn’t going to cut it.

Remember, 95% of all home businesses fail! And one of the leading reasons they do is this big, fat lie – sharing your wonderful, fabulous reason for being in business will open the door to raging profits.

Yes indeed, that works just great as you go “sharing” your way through life. The guy behind the counter at the convenience store…your plumber…your mother-in-law, they just LOVE hearing you “share” and they cannot WAIT to get involved!

Oh, and don’t forget your neighbors. Funny how they all keep their curtains tightly closed all day now, and hiding the car out back.

Listen up and listen well. Nobody ever became a millionaire, simply by sharing. And you’re being set up for failure if you buy into this load of horse shit!

FACT: It takes selling to build a prosperous online business

Those new to this industry are hand-fed the stupid notion “this is so easy, it sells itself” when The Truth is they’re in for a painful dose of reality.

It is a common knowledge – most people hate selling. This is the very reason uplines don’t tell prospects they’re going to have to. They don’t want to scare them away!

Get this: anytime you ask someone to give you their cold hard cash for something you are offering, that’s SELLING pure and simple!

But it doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be obnoxious, and it doesn’t have to be something that has people trying to gnaw their arm off at the elbow, just to escape from your clutches.

But you’ll probably be relieved to know the LAST thing you will do is sell your actual product. There’s something MUCH more important you’ll do automatically, once you have a powerful marketing strategy working for you 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

HINT: It’s all about building relationship and authenticity

Novel concept? Sadly, in this industry, it is. Start your path to success by being REAL and being unique from all the “one size fits all” mentality pervasive in the online business industry.


Pricing Your Products Appropriately

Pricing your product is a very important step in cornering hopefully a good share of the market you are showing interest of. As far as the consumers are concerned, numbers are not lying. In other words, if you want to validate the price that you are planning to use you have to have the numbers and the figures to back your claim and reasoning ready for scrutiny and analysis.

The most important thing here is to ask yourself first, as a customer, how much are you willing to pay for that specific product. This is not actually just another easy question to determine because in general or 9 out of 10 cases there is a great possibility that you wouldn’t even buy the product if it is not your own.

So how would we explain this? Well, it has something to do with the fact that you see the product as something of your own craft and effort which somehow leads to lack of judgment, adding biases and other factors.

Anyway, let’s examine first things first. How much are you willing to sell it? Or in another way of saying it, how much are you willing to let go? I am personally suggesting that you go as low as possible, from any choices your mind might think of. This includes the base cost for the materials you used and for how long you worked on it. Only then can you entertain thoughts of placing in additional costs like labor, transports and tax.
When you get the overall sum of everything, find the cost and divide it according to the numbers produced. What you have then, is the base price for your products. The next bit is paying for the labor. Assuming, you employ yourself to make your product. By default, it’s not free. In business, nothing is actually free. Remember that. Include what you will pay yourself with into the product’s base price.

Take on a customer’s point of view and see if you would buy your own product. If not, the courses of action you will have to take will either have to be to raise the quality and utility of your craft, or to lower the price itself.

Arriving at the right which the market can appreciate will likely lead you to more success and good branding!


Success Online Starts With Right Mindset

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever did all the things that you think would make you earn a nice and passive income online only to find yourself failing very hard to the point where you ask yourself the question “Will I really be able to make it online?”

Well, if that’s your case, let me break it down to you then. Everyone reading this can succeed online! I can say that with 103% confidence.

There is room for everyone to make money online. So you might as well expect to win. Expect to succeed. Why? Because you will. There is nothing standing in your way.

You say, “Well how can you say that. Look at my financial situation?” Or, “I don’t have the education so I’ll never be able to compete.” Or, “I don’t have the time!” Well I’m here to tell you none of those hold water. They are temporary problems. They can be overcome. And giving up is a permanent solution to those temporary problems.

If you commit yourself 100%, burn your bridges, and put all of your energy to task, you will definitely succeed. There’s no question on that.

But in order for it to become a reality, there are a few things you need to get through your head. And yes, it all comes down to the mindset or orientation that you let prevails in your life!

1. You can’t put a time limit or deadline on it.
2. You have to expect to fail before you can succeed.
3. You have to create a burning desire.
4. You must walk before you run… get educated.
5. You must have complete focus on your goal.
6. You need a defined purpose and goals.
7. You have to find your right opportunity as your vehicle.
8. You have to be always patient.
9. You have to enjoy what you are doing and believe in it.
10. And you must continually learn from others.

Your commitment to online success is the key to finding it. Commit to enjoying the journey. Someday in hindsight you will realize the journey itself produced your life’s dreams. The ups and downs are just brush strokes on your life’s work.

You can be another online success!


The Importance Of Tagging

Webmasters are very familiar with this timeline. Articles captured the full attention of internet marketing world in 2004. Blogging and pinging were burning marketing techniques starting in 2005. And videos became the in thing in the online business world in 2006.

Now, the question that many infoprepreneurs ask is this: what’s the next big thing that will hit the internet marketing world which has the potential to be extremely efficient and exceptionally profitable?

I would say it is tagging, and though some may not be very familiar with it right now, you will be able to master the same by the end of this post.

What is tagging? Tagging is a new method of categorizing specific topics of your blogs. Now, categorizing blog entries is nothing new. Whether you have been using Blogger’s services or WordPress, you should be very familiar with how categorizing works.

If your entry has something to do with search engine optimization strategies, for example, chances are, you’d place it under the category of SEO. If your entry has something to do with email marketing techniques, you’d place the same under the category of email marketing.

The titles of these categories are very important for tagging. This is because these titles serve as your tags. Okay, but why is tagging so important for internet marketing?

Tagging is an innovative way of categorizing information in the World Wide Web, a fact which we have established earlier. But tagging has a distinct advantage over other categorizing methods currently available.

Users are in control over the proper categories of the information they will share. Users are no longer dependent on search engines to do the categorizing for them. Now, with tagging, they can simply allocate certain content under certain categories and the tagging system will take care of the rest.

The foremost tagging service available for people on the internet is Technorati which is a widely popular website that attracts visitors in millions everyday. It’s not really different from the pinging systems that have grown in popularity over a tear ago. The system employed Technorati involves the following:

* Users can categorize their latest blog entries according to tags.

* Each category will display the newest entry on top.

* The hottest tags will be displayed on the homepage, available for everyone to see.

Immediately, the businessman in you will see the many benefits you can derive from Technorati’s tagging system.

1. You can use it as a market research tool. Simply study the hottest tags, which should correspond to the hottest topics on the internet today. With millions of visitors, such hot tags hold a lot of weight, and whatever you can gain from the same will more or less be determinative.

2. You can use tagging as a new model of pinging, albeit better. Do you have a blog? Categorize each new entry and classify them according to the hottest tags of the moment. You’d be able to expose your URL to a very wide audience.

3. Update your blog regularly, and tag every new entry. You’ll almost, always be on top of the category appropriate for the tag. This is a great way to ensure fresh visitors every time you post something new.

Already, tags are being implemented in other popular websites like MySpace and YouTube. It’s the wave of the future, a category management system that any online businessman can sure exploit to drive monumental traffic for his or her website.

Tagging is one of the novel methods included in what many veteran internet marketers have labeled as “new age marketing.” It’s something that the present generation of internet users has come to accept as a standard, and to win their attention, we have to play their game.

Tag it now!